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How to update WhatsApp latest version on Windows PC

You may be have a same question as me — why WhatsApp on my Windows PC stop updating the app automatically.  I’ve seen great version gap between my current installed WhatsApp and current release on play store. I thought the app will automatically upgrading it self after i keep the app alive for a while, but it didn’t. I kept my internet connected all the time and i also tried to browse into play store and BlueStacks apps search tool trying to trigger the auto update process.

After a quick search i finally find out what causing WhatsApp not updating automatically. It was the Allow automatic updating checkbox during first install, and i didn’t activate it somehow in the first time. So for now i guess i have no choice beside to update WhatsApp manually.
Bluestack - whatsapp update

Why Update Whatsapp to latest version?

Updates sometime contains bug fixes, new stuffs, new content, new layout or user interface (UI) or even a new system. It is important to keep our app version match the latest published version especially if the latest update contains fixes. If you browse into What’s new section inside WhatsApp page on play store, you’ll see the reason for every new update. For example update from Version 2.9.4207 to Version 2.9.4750 contain bug and crash fixes.
Bluestack whatsapp version
How to manual update
Well, since my WhatsApp fail to automatically update it self on our Computer, the only option is to update WhatsApp manually. To do this, simply follow the following steps:
·         In BlueStacks main apps page, select My Apps.
·         Click Help to open web browser.
·         Type on address bar and press enter.
·         In play store page, click search menu (top right).
·         Type WhatsApp and press enter.
·         Select WhatsApp Messenger (first result)
·         You’ll see an update and uninstall button (remember to active Allow automatic updating this time).
Bluestack Update Manual

·         Click on Update button to start upgrading.
·         Click the agreement button (Accept and Download), and wait until it finished.
It will re-downloading and then re-installing the app and will take sometime depending your internet connection  When the process complete you’ll can see your new WhatsApp version on About page which is located on Show Menu->Settings->About menu. It should be match with the latest version published in play store page. That’s it, happy upgrading and have fun.


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